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Dr David Cohen,

Care of Older People, 8F001

Northwick Park Hospital

Watford Road

Harrow, HA1 3UJ

Private consultations

You can make a private appointment by calling (020) 8869 2451 or emailing me to make a personal arrangement.


There is always new medical knowledge. Click to link to interesting news in my speciality.

Consultant physician

Since 1997 I have been Consultant Physician at Northwick Park Hospital in NW London.

I have been looking after people of all ages with a wide range of medical conditions for over 20 years. 


I am also in charge of the Stroke Unit. This Unit, which has three consultants and over 120 other staff, is the busiest in London and one of the busiest in the UK, seeing over 1300 new strokes a year.

  • We score highly on the quality measures set out by the Royal College of Physicians.
  • We were recently specially commended by the London Ambulance Service.
  • The speed of our response in giving clot busting treatment when appropriate is one of the fastest in the UK.
  • We were recently awarded the accolade "Research site of the Year" by the English Stroke Research network.
  • Our patients get carotid surgery in one of the shortest times in the UK.


I have been involved in research for many years. Doctors who do research tend to be more up-to-date than those who don't. My practice is based on the best available evidence, individualised for each person.


I train medical students, GPs and specialists in my everyday practice. Many doctors come from abroad to train at Northwick Park Stroke Unit.

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