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Dr David Cohen,

Care of Older People, 8F001

Northwick Park Hospital

Watford Road

Harrow, HA1 3UJ

Private consultations

You can make a private appointment by calling (020) 8869 2451 or emailing me to make a personal arrangement.


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Medication review

Over the years you may have been prescribed a number of medicines for good reason.

However, sometimes the number of medicines seems to have got out of control and you no longer know what they are for and why you are taking them. 

  • Will you get ill if you stop your medicines?
  • Are they causing side effects?
  • Are you now feeling ill because of your medicines?

I can review your medicines, explain what each is for and discuss whether you could safely do without any of them. Reviewing them may help you understand your condition better and make you feel better.

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