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Dr David Cohen,

Care of Older People, 8F001

Northwick Park Hospital

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                                    CURRICULUM VITAE :  David Leslie COHEN


                                                                                                GMC registration no:  2492511

Northwick Park Hospital,                                                  MPS member

Watford Road,






1979    MB, BS (London)

1990    Specialist accreditation in general (internal) & geriatric medicine

1996    Elected Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of London


                                                   PREVIOUS APPOINTMENTS


Consultant Physician, Nottingham City Hospital, Oct 1991 - May 1997


                                                     PRESENT APPOINTMENT


May 1997 to date

Consultant Physician, General & Geriatric Medicine, Northwick Park Hospital, Harrow


·      I am registered with the General Medical Council as a specialist  in general (internal) and geriatric medicine. 


·      I spent two years doing full time research into the complications of Type 1 diabetes and published on this subject.


·      I have been responsible for admitting unselected acutely ill medical patients of all ages to a teaching district general hospital since 1991.


·      I manage unselected medical emergencies in adults of all ages.


·      I have had responsibility for specialist rehabilitation of older people since 1991. 


·      My patients have multiple problems including falls, pressure sores and dementia.


·      I am frequently responsible for determining capacity.


·      Since May 1996 I have provided the acute and rehabilitation stroke service for adults of all ages and a neurorehabilitation for brain injured adults of all ages from 2006-9.


·      I am now consultant in charge of a comprehensive Stroke Service dealing with acute stroke, rehabilitation and Transient Ischaemic Attack.


·      I train medical students, doctors studying for membership of the Royal College of Physicians and higher trainees in general and geriatric medicine. 


·      I am responsible for the assessment of the care required by people who need to be admitted to nursing and residential homes, visit such homes and treat their residents. 


·      I was a member of the Disability Living Allowance Advisory Board from 1995-2005.




I have provided numerous medical reports on matters under the heading of “general medicine” both for personal injury and medical negligence cases. These have included assessments of respiratory function, mobility and the ability to carry out activities of daily living following accidents causing both orthopaedic and neurological damage.  I have particular expertise in stroke disease and the nursing care of patients with complex multiple disability. I also advise on the effects of injury on life expectancy. I have appeared on behalf of clients at criminal as well as civil courts.


My experience has encompassed conferences with counsel and court appearances both for plaintiff and defendant. I am able to provide reports within eight weeks of instruction. I am experienced at working within the legal aid system. I have been trained in the role of the single joint expert.


Examples of cases advised on


Life expectancy


Life expectancy estimate in patients requiring care after: severe head injury due to RTA; stroke; leg fracture. (SJE)


Estimate of the potential continuing ability to work of a 75 year old man killed in road traffic crash. (SJE)


Life expectancy in severe Parkinson’s disease




Report on both parents of children in care proceedings who claimed to have had strokes. In one parent one stroke was genuine and one factitious. In the other parent the stroke was factitious. Evidence was accepted in court unchallenged. (SJE)


Ability of patient on Warfarin after two strokes to care for his children


Stroke caused by inadvertent cannulation of internal carotid artery in man having gall bladder surgery. Determination of residual disability. (claimant)


Condition & prognosis on woman needing nursing care after stroke following vascular surgery. (claimant); hip surgery. (SJE)


Causation of cerebellar haemorrhage after fall in hospital (claimant)


Stroke caused by failure to anticoagulate (SJE)


Missed TIA with resultant stroke (claimant)


General medicine


Examination of the mother of children in care proceedings who claimed to be disabled and bedbound due to back pain. Her immobility was largely factitious.


Delayed diagnosis of necrotising fasciitis causing significant disability. (Two cases, one in intravenous drug user) (claimant)


Relation of breathing problem to damp housing in action against housing association.


Disability caused by whiplash injury, several cases. (claimant & defence)


Persistent headache after head injury at work. (defence)


Persistent disability after alleged fall from bus (defence)


Persistent disability after trip leading to shoulder injury (SJE)


Causation of dementia after fall in street (SJE)


Liability & causation after pulmonary embolism (claimant)


Worsening of leg ulcers leading to amputation (claimant)


Increased care needs due to reduced arm movements following negligent mastectomy. (claimant)


Hospital acquired MRSA spinal abscess (claimant)


Missed diagnosis of ischaemic heart disease (claimant)


Missed subarachnoid haemorrhage (defendant):: settled for £75k


Missed severe peripheral vascular disease (claimant)


Missed cerebral abscess (claimant):: settled for £140k


Misplaced feeding tube leading to lung damage (claimant) : settled for £50k


Missed pulmonary embolism (claimant):: settled £65k


Death due to Cl. Difficile infection (defence)


Mental capacity


Mental capacity of man who apparently sold his house to a stranger for a low price while suffering from dementia (claimant)


Capacity after changes to a will shortly before death (defence)


Geriatric medicine & needs for care


Causation & care costs report on woman needing transfer to a nursing home and subsequently dying after a fall in residential care. (claimant)


Causation, condition & prognosis after fall in hospital causing fractured hip (several); fractured pelvis (several); leg laceration & ulcer.


Causation after tripping accident leading to fractured hip, pressure sores and death  (claimant)


Condition and prognosis of man trampled by cows


Causation, condition & prognosis after multiple injuries in road traffic crash.


Causation & prognosis of dementia after a traffic crash causing a broken hip and arm. Patient needed residential care for life.


Bereavement damages & loss of dependency after RTA


Did assault leading to a broken collar bone contribute to death? (criminal case)


Causation & prognosis after pressure sores (several cases) (SJE, claimant & defence)


Failure to diagnose and treat pressure sore (defence): settled for £20k


Causation of dehydration in nursing home patient fed via gastrostomy. (several cases) (claimant & defence)


Appeal against Local Authority charging for nursing care


Failure to diagnose peripheral vascular insufficiency leading to ulcer and ultimately amputation. (claimant, settled for £30k)


Causation and need for care after impalement injury while in hospital


Causation and need for care after autistic patient involved in car to cycle crash


Causation and need for care after fall in street causing back injury


Causation of fatal subdural haemorrhage in patient who fell in hospital and was on poorly monitored Warfarin (claimant)

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